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18 Wonderful Methods of Shaolin

1. Striking around in the whirling horse stance

When anybody uses the "whirling horse stance", he whirls his body around its axis and hails blows around aiming at the enemy's heart, gives violent backhand strokes at the face, executes captures. One hand is moving after another, both hands are striking to the left and to the right. You can see the results of those blows. The fighter strikes with his foot forward and backward, turns somersault, moves during the fight. The hands move in the front, as if a ferocious tiger jumps after his pray.

2. Method called "The iron buffalo ploughs the field"

The iron buffalo ploughs the field and fists fly around freely. Long rapid steps, the hand catches the tiger's eye, and body turns like "whirling horse", and circular foot movement "a blue dragon wags its tail" are immediately executed, and then a new turn around the axis... You are jumping, squatting, laying on the ground, delivering blows, as if with a flail, rushing down to the enemy like an avalanche, delivering heavy punches and striking the tiger's eye.

3. Method called "Moving at night, hit the enemy"

You turn and punch, your hand strikes the enemy's palm. You make a step, catch the enemy, throw and mutilate him. If, when catching the enemy, your hands interlace with his hands, you have to punch the elbow from below ("the lightning of the iron door flashes"), in order to punch the head, use your knees and shoulders. Just as a huge bird Peng spreads its wings, you turn around and "catch the moon with both hands". You strike at the heart, then ring the enemy round with both hands and after it you use method "the blue dragon wags its tail" and "the carp fish makes somersaults".

4. Method called "The golden pheasant stands in solitude"

"The golden pheasant stands in solitude" and works with a hand in the center. "He presses the moon to his breast", lowers the face and makes a kick, then turns the whole body around and makes a step; the fighter steps down the hall, squats and punches the enemy's face. With high jumps to the right and to the left the legs work, vehemently kicking crushing strokes. If the enemy tries to strike back, you catch his feet with both hands. You have to take all-round defense by striking back. If you can, you punch like your great ancestors did. Strike forward, rush backward, create insurmountable slashing and obstructions to the enemy.

5. The method called "Make a turn to tie a tiger"

You make steps, rock yourself to the left and to the right and sink for some time lower. This method is executed at a low stance, you squat on the left or the right foot like a tiger climbing a mountain. You strike around, make a step and turn to the right. The enemy looses his heart and tries to escape. You feel absolutely safe.

6. The method called "Wonderful metamorphosis of the rider"

You make steps with your legs wide apart, as if you sit on a horseback and resort to metamorphosis. Deliver a heavy blow at the ribs and hasten to defend yourself, with completely natural movements you "come to the common spring". You punch at the enemy's arm catch from the front, make wave backward and "burst into Yuzhou." Move your foot, your hand comes back to its initial position. You whirl your body to evade a blow. You take all-round defense and your ear-rings look like a coiled pythons ready to jump. A punch, as quick as a lightning, is called "tie up a packet".

7. "To sit on a horseback and to raise a cauldron"

You attack your enemy, punch him with both hands and make him bend under your charge. Move your body, work with hands, thrust at an enemy's knee. You firmly step, your defense is insurmountable; you bump the enemy against your whole body. You face all the sides and "enter the central gate"; thrust with your knees, strike at the face with your palm and deal with your elbow and hands, mislead the enemy with deceptive movements and "reach the sea bottom". You squat, work with your legs and chase the running enemy. You make somersaults, go on advancing, step to the left and to the right in a lower stance. You "cast a glance in the sky" and you are able to lift a thousand jins (a measure of weight equal to 600 g appr.) with a jerk. You dodge blows, take false steps, kick: "the two hammers punch, the feet follow them".

8. The method called "You hang your bow high on your back"

You press hard the enemy, punch him and then give a strong kick into the enemy's pudenda; on the left and on the right you use the method "the swallow picks its food". Turn to the other side, make a step and put on a helmet. If you see that the enemy tries to strike at your body, hasten to forestall him and strike first. Make your shattering blows inside and outside, turn your whole body and kick around. Move and strike using the method "the palm of the whirling horse". Clasp your hands and kick around. "Raise your foot on a hill", deliver a blow, take a low stance and chase the enemy. Let your hands fly ahead to pave the way.

9. The method called "To kick just as with a sharp saw"

You are kicking and circulating, both hands move above your head in a circles. You circulate, turn to the left and to the right. You are moving steadily and without interruption You step with your arms moving all the time, your blows "punch holes in the iron door". You are making somersaults and are "picking up eggs under cart wheels"; bravely meet any blows aimed at your face or probably at your back, then make a new turn and work with your shoulders. Both hands are thumping, you are "chasing the moon on a cart". You make a step and come back to the initial position.

10. Method called "You sit on a horseback with a big sword"

Strike with your hand, then protect yourself with your palm, make a step, raise your hand and strike at the stomach. After it you intercept an enemy's blow, make a turn and swiftly dash forward. With both hands coordinated you strike at an enemy's cheek. You are on your guard and ready to deliver a blow in order to make the enemy drop his weapon. You are making a false hand movement and a step at the same time: your hands are in coordination with your elbow, you kick at the enemy's waist. Your kick is a cutting knife, your art must be perfect. Then you execute the method called "the hawk tumbles in the air" and fly forward. The movements of your arms and legs are coordinated and lead you to kick into the enemy's pudenda.

11. Method called "Give a horse the rein and work with a big sword"

Punch with both hands simultaneously, crush and pierce through the enemy's defense with various strikes with method "tie up a packet". Turn around your axis and strike with your hand into the enemy's pudenda. Use the method "the golden pheasant stands in solitude" and hit directly at the center. Made a side hook and take the stance "horse sprint". Quickly draw yourself up, make a deceptive step and use the method "a magpie takes wings". Parry a blow with your foot and strike back with your foot at the enemy's bone. Squat, then strike in a jump with your two feet. After it you should take a steadfast posture and punch.

12. The method called "Strike with a chisel and a hammer and repeal attacks"

Strike with your hand at the brow, your palm goes down, make left and right clenches and bound forward. One hand strikes after the other. Your arm makes a deceitful movement, then you hit with your two elbows: "the yellow dragon somersaults in the air" and make a clench. "The chief draws the bow" and hits with one hand. Then you remove your shoulder, catch the enemy's hand and hit with your knee, jump forward, then swing about and move backward, knocking the enemy to the ground with a hand blow. Quickly jump, raise your arm and deliver a blow called "the lock".

13. "At night you are ready to meet surprises and catch the moon in her flight with your both hands"

When you execute this method, you rush to the enemy and catch his hand, at the same time you deliver blows at his knee and ribs with your foot and palm. Then you make a step, slightly squat and strike the enemy between his legs. You surround the enemy with hand blows so that he becomes panic-stricken and runs away. All hundred blows have run home. Your arms fulfill all the space-the mystery of all-crushing arms.

14. Method called "When kicking, you defend your heart"

You make six successive turns and then eight steps-forward, backward, to the left and to the right. All your movements are natural and light. You make eight steps at squat, make a somersault on the ground and rise on your feet. You are ready to defend yourself at any time, the sward shines on your back. The horse kicks to the left and to the right, and so your feet do; you are ready to rush. Bludgeons flash, you have swept off all obstructions and burst through them. You use all methods and chances to get the aim.

15. The method called "Punching with long fists"

Indeed, the long fist punching is worth of praise. You perceive the great mystery and are able to see the wonders: you turn and somersault, hit the enemys pudenda with your feet, break his defense, always ready to attack and do your best not to commit a mistake. "The iron buffalo sinks to the sea bottom, you squeeze the top of Taishan mountain with your golden talons". You squat and thumps with the dragon head into the solar plexus and the enemy is defeated.

16. Method called "The knocking down foot and the whipping palm"

You use this method when you are in a low stance, punch with a fist and thump with a foot with all the force of your body. You turn your body, break through the defense with your fists, bravely rush to the enemy, but at the same time you are ready to defend yourself at any moment. You make a turn and a deceptive step to avoid a blow, sharply hit the stomach and break through the enemy's defense. You always have to protect the lower part of your stomach and try to strike with your hands: "you pick up flowers on the left and on the right, swallows peck food, birds and dragons let out their talons". You make three turns around the axis of your body, you stay firmly in "the central hall" and strike with your hands.

17. The method called "Twist with hands and strike with palms"

This position is used for defense. You strike at the arm-pits and simultaneously swart the enemy's attack, then came back to the method "Squeeze the top of Taishan mountain". Your whole body turns about and you make one more turn "to pick up hen eggs from the ground". Those are the mysteries of "six turns and eight stops". You advance and retreat to the left and to the right and combine somersaults with strikes. You strike with your hands all around and dexterously manipulate with a sward behind your back. "Military spies roam on the left and on the right"-those are your feet. That is a defense of "the advancing dragon", and when the enemy turns about and is running away, chase him, like a tiger after his pray. Strike with an elbow at the enemy's heart-"the arrow pierces the back". A strike with the first hand must be immediately followed by another strike with the second hand. You can push with your elbows from the left and from the right.

18. The method called "Catch with hands and strike"

This method is used at a low stance. Both fists are crossed and a side kick is made.. Many times you dodge blows and then you start a crushing attack called "the white tiger washes his face", "there are four doors below and above". You make deceptive movements with your hands and avoid "to knock at the central door". You should defend yourself from below and above. You must remember that when striking from above, you must protect your lower part and when striking from below, do not forget about the upper part.